Valentines Day Mini Sessions Oklahoma City






So imagine this.  Your honey is kicking back watching the Super Bowl and you are not sure what to do with your time. Why not bring the kids out for a Valentines Day Mini Session. I have added limited sessions for February 2nd and if the weather is great, we may be able to do some outdoor shots. Message me ASAP to get your booking!!!


Creed & Crow’s Mini Session

While doing Harley’s senior session, I did a  mini-session with Creed and his little brother Crow (Harley’s 2 little brothers). They are quite the opposite of one another. Creed is very bashful in front of the camera and Crow is quite outgoing and loves the camera.

I have to share the story of this last image on the page (the storyboard). Before we went to the train tracks to take the pics, I explained to the boys the “rules” of the train tracks. And of course being boys they were like, “Oh I am faster than that train. I can beat that train.” Well, sure enough, the train came along during the session so we had to clear the tracks. So these were the shots taken as the boys watched the train coming along.

First, calmly watching the train, but plugging their ears due to the loud noise.

Second, Creed decides to take off and run because the sound and vibration are so intense.

Third, little Crow takes off into a run to follow big brother.

It was quite hilarious to watch since they had “talked it up” so much. 🙂


Summer Lovin’

Ah yes, this is the summer of me.  I am working on so much right now both in my personal life and in my photography.  I have so many fires going that I am having to keep a list just so that I can figure out how to prioritize it all.  On the home front, Emily and I are settling nicely into our little home.  Other than fighting the lawn mower thanks to all the rain, things are going well.  My 9-5 keeps me busy and though I wish it were in a more artistic field, I at least know that I am doing something productive and taking care of myself both mentally, physically, and emotionally.  That is a positive thing. I have to keep reminding myself that bigger and better things are just around the corner.

I was featured on Simply Hue.  Be sure you check out her blog.  It is beautiful!!!

Also, here are a couple of Etsy treasuries from this month.  LOVE the treasuries.  People get so creative gathering for themes or colors.  So much FUN!!! Thank you to the curators for doing such a fabulous job.  You can visit my Etsy here. Hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful week. I am looking forward to some much needed time with friends this weekend. I cannot wait to see what gifts will be brought to the lens.   xoxo

Oklahoma City Photographer :: Father Daughter Dance

I know I have said it before, but there is always one photo in  a session that just grabs my heartstrings.  During this wedding there were a couple of faves. I just had to share a few more.  This one above, I just love how her dress flows out.

And then this one below.  These two are just so cute together.  They were so carefree and fun.

Searching High & Low :: Oklahoma City Fine Arts Photography

webperchedAfter many long hours of editing and attending PRIDE this last weekend, I wandered off Monday & Tuesday of this last week to gather thoughts. My daughter and her bff have been wanting to go camping, so it worked out nicely. We were only an hour from home, but it seemed we were miles away. The girls swam, soaked up the sun, giggled and laughed. I sat on the shore writing in my journal or scoured the shore for interesting things to capture with my third eye (my camera).

However, it was not until the first morning we were there that I found what I really loved. I snuck out while the girls were fast asleep. I had not had much sleep the night before and so the golden light of morning was calling to me. As I came around a bend, I noticed these huge birds perched up atop this mangled old tree. I am still not sure if they were vultures or just big black crows. It was just an amazing site. They sat there basking in the morning light as I popped off a few shots.

Here is the final result (above)

And just for the heck of it, mindless musings from my journal.

Things that are making me happy at this very moment:

The scent of SPF 45 filling my nostrils

The crystal sunlight sparkling on the water

The sounds of children laughing carefree in the distance

The feel of the sand between my toes

The beautiful strong branches of the tree that is providing me with shade

The smile on my daughters face right now as she is riding the paddle boat

and last but not least

I am thankful for the gift that God has provided me with.  This beautiful surrounding with 1,000 beautiful things to capture through my lens.


I hope all of you are having a blessed 4th of July.  I am relaxing at home with my hubby as our daughter took off to spend the night w/ a friend. 🙂

She Sells Seashells :: Oklahoma City Photographer


Summer has definitely arrived in Oklahoma.  I know it is not 100 degrees yet, but it is certainly taking its toll already.  We held off as long as we could to not turn on the AC but now it’s cranking.  Emily has started a job now and is gone much of the time between friends and work so I get little to no time to just “chillax” (combo of chill and relax) with her.  Yeah… that lingo does not really work for me.  LOL.  Oh well.

Today Em was off and we decided to take a little stroll down to the water and continue working on the “Tall Tales” series.  These are all going to be based on little children’s rhymes or childhood stories. Today we shot “She Sells Seashells” and the above is just a sneak peek at the first edit.  My poor old suitcase has been on railroad tracks, in the woods, and now sat in the water.

After we got done with the shoot and I was putting things into the trunk, I handed her my keys.  She just looked at me and walked towards the passenger side door.  I asked her where she was going and she said she was “getting in the car”.  I told her she was on the wrong side and she got this twinkle in her eye.  “I get to drive?”  The area that we were in is lots of dirt road with lots of curves and so I figured it would be a good experience for her to learn about handling curves.  She did great except for one time we got a real close up of the flowers when she got a little too fast (15 mph) and almost went right into the side dirt wall.  Ah yes… Summer is definitely here and I am loving every single crazy moment of it!

The pictures were hung on the wall with care…

bobin hopes that people would soon be there… smiling and feeling all gooey inside… when they looked at my trees, my parasols, and my vines.

This is Bob, the hospital volunteer who hung my work for the display at OU Medical Center.  If you get the chance to stop by, they are in Presbyterian Tower down at OU Medical Center by the Capital building in OKC.  🙂