Sneak Peek at Miss Z & Miss P’s Valentine Day Mini Session Oklahoma City


Just a reminder, I am still booking for January 18th & 25th and February 1st. Here is all the nitty gritty. Give me a call!!!


005/365 Wall Hanging for the Bedroom…

092711 Yes shaky image taken with my point and shoot…

So I have been avoiding decorating the house with anything from the “big box store” (wanting to use only homemade art) other than my necessities here and there. But I saw these prints tonight and could not resist. Not only does the color match my bedroom but the design is so “me” and how could I resist the little birdie? So I caved. But 95% of the art in my home is either my own or created by someone and I purchased it from them. 😀
Hopefully this weekend I can manage to get my bedroom done and I will post pics.  Debating if these are going up above my desk or above my bed…

Oklahoma City Photographer Mini Sessions & Free CD

Greetings all. I will be offering mini sessions on Friday evenings and on Saturdays during the morning hours and evening hours (for best lighting and to miss the heat of the day).  These sessions will be $75 for 30 minutes (this is for one person – $10 for each additional person) and you will receive 10-15 images on a CD, fully edited by me.   If you or someone you know is interested, please contact me as there will be only a limited number of sessions.  If you bring a friend and I shoot both of you at the same time, there is only a $60 charge for each of you.  Come on!!!  Join me for a fabulous day of modeling and fun. Here is a sneak peek of some recent sessions.

Oklahoma City Photographer :: Display @ OU Medical Center

Well, the time has come… or is just around the corner. My artwork will go up at OU Medical Center this week. If you were to look up “nervous wreck” in the dictionary (does anyone even use a dictionary anymore LOL), my picture would be right next to the words. Yes, I am nervous. I have 14 pieces going up (shown above).  Of course they will all have black frames.  I will try to get a picture after I get them all hung.  These will be on display June 1 after 4pm until June 6th!  Yay!

As always, if you are interested in any of these pieces, please feel free to visit my full portfolio. If you are a gallery or studio looking to represent artists, please feel free to contact me as well at (email)

Oklahoma City Photographer :: Sneak Peek Courtney

courney1The wind was completely insane while we were shooting out at the lake.  But this young lady was awesome!  She did not mind it one bit.  AND she even let me get some shots of her hair flying in the wind.  More to come.  YAY!!! Thanks, Courtney.  It was a blast!!!

Meet the Pipers

I gave you a sneak peek, but here is the final shots from the Piper family shoot.  I want to say a HUGE thank you to Angie and Alex who are soo down to earth and fun to be around and to their fabulous kiddos who all have a great sense of humor and are such characters, yes even baby Chloe.  Enjoy the pics! And click here for more

Little Miss M.


Today I had the best time with little M, J and C and of course their Mommy and Daddy!  I have not had the chance to edit all of the pictures of course. But I wanted to share this one of M.  She recently lost her 2 front teeth and now she has a habit of putting her tongue into that gap.  LOL. And the other I had to share just because her eyes are SOOOO amazing!!! Mom wanted a photojournalistic shoot so we got to just play and have lots of fun running around.madi3madi4