009/365 OKC Regatta Festival

10-01-11 Oklahoma City Regatta Festival  2011

I have been waiting “forever” to get to capture the guys/girls in their boats. Several times I have come over the river at sunset and they were out doing their training. I always wanted to stop and get a picture from the overpass.  It seems that would have been my best bet.  I did not realize how hard it was to get a good picture.  Of course these guys are going at like 70 strokes per MINUTE too.  And then I discovered  even though I had my 75-300mm lens with me, the guys coming to the finish line were on the south side of the river and it was still hard to capture them. When I get the few “good ones” edited, I will post a link here…

Nonetheless it was a great day overall.  I got to enjoy my day out, spend time with a great friend, and now I must get back up and prepare to do it all over again for World Photowalk here in Norman tomorrow.  Cannot wait!!!


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