Creed & Crow’s Mini Session

While doing Harley’s senior session, I did a  mini-session with Creed and his little brother Crow (Harley’s 2 little brothers). They are quite the opposite of one another. Creed is very bashful in front of the camera and Crow is quite outgoing and loves the camera.

I have to share the story of this last image on the page (the storyboard). Before we went to the train tracks to take the pics, I explained to the boys the “rules” of the train tracks. And of course being boys they were like, “Oh I am faster than that train. I can beat that train.” Well, sure enough, the train came along during the session so we had to clear the tracks. So these were the shots taken as the boys watched the train coming along.

First, calmly watching the train, but plugging their ears due to the loud noise.

Second, Creed decides to take off and run because the sound and vibration are so intense.

Third, little Crow takes off into a run to follow big brother.

It was quite hilarious to watch since they had “talked it up” so much. 🙂



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