Farewell, Little Miss

I will try to keep this short and sweet.

Meet Little Miss. That is not really her name but that is what I chose to call her. Hopefully one day she will have a real family that will give her a real name and love her and her 9 brothers and sisters (or more as I never go the final count).

Little Miss’ mommy, Miss Nipples (picture of her to come) belonged to the neighbors across the street. They were evicted and left the house with all of the trash sitting outside. On Saturday morning I awoke to a horrible bellowing sound. I went outside to see who it was. I could not see a dog in sight but could tell it was coming from across the street.

As I walked across, I could tell it was Miss Nipples and she was locked inside of the garage. I immediately called the police. They informed me that the officer that was coming on duty at 3pm was the officer in charge of this “case”. Please understand that the town that I have moved to has a population of 900 something and every officer in this town knows every person in this town.

So now here it is Tuesday and my daughter called me out to the porch this morning. “Miss Nipples and her babies are out on their porch.” Although I was in the middle of getting ready for work, I had to go see them. I counted 10, but there could have been more inside the house.

Miss Nipples has spent the last month barking at me even when she is on my property. I saw how bad she was looking last night and had given her some leftovers from the fridge as I could not bare to see her just starving (and her puppies need fed too). So this morning when I walked over, she walked up to me and I put my hand out and she licked it.

Her daughter, Little Miss (shown in the picture) started walking around my feet and attempting to nibble on my toes. As my daughter stood there looking at them, I ran back across the street, grabbed my camera and this teacup from the studio and began to take pictures of them. Miss Nipples did not like the camera AT ALL! She barked at me everytime I would pick it up. And then when I put it down and held my hand out she was fine.

So, anyway, I am glad that I chose to grab the camera when I did because my daughter called me this afternoon to tell me that the police were there picking up Miss Nipples and her crew. However, they could not get Miss Nipples into the police car because she kept barking at them. Emily went out there, told the police that she might come to her (which she did) and placed Miss Nipples along with her puppies into the back of the police car.

I hope that the whole crew is off to a happier home.

Please, people, if you cannot care for an animal or really don’t want it to be a part of your family, then don’t own it! And also, don’t forget to spay & neuter your pets.


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