Oklahoma City Photographer :: Deeply Rooted

Inception (shown above)

I am so excited to announce a new series that I am working on.  For many years I have collected vintage photos, everything from couples to children.  But I especially love the vintage images of children. From my understanding, getting your picture taken back then was so rare because not only the cameras were rare, but the photos were quite expensive to have done.  So “picture day” was a very special treat.  Well,  I have longed to find a way to combine my vintage collection with my own photography.  Finally, after many sleepless nights (seriously I have been dealing with a bit of insomnia lately), I have created a few pieces. This new series is called “Deeply Rooted”. All will feature images from my vintage collection along with bits and pieces of my own textures, homes, bridges, fields… etc.  Here is a peek. I am not sure how many pieces will be in this installment.  It may be ongoing, or I may stop at 12 pieces.  Enjoy!


Enigmatic Memories


Waiting for Daddy


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