Seeking Inspiration in the Snow

I have got a major case of the winter blahs.  It has only been 3 weeks into the winter season and I am already thinking I cannot wait until SPRING!  Today it actually warmed up enough that I could be outside for a little bit without freezing to death.  So I grabbed the beautiful camisoles I have been dying to shoot and ventured out into the snow in our backyard that has still not melted away.  Yes, finally I have a bit of inspiration, a bit of longing to go out and play.  Thank you Mr. Sunshine for coming out and allowing me to enjoy myself a bit outdoors.

Here is a peek at the beginning of a new series called Linen & Lace.  More here


2 thoughts on “Seeking Inspiration in the Snow

  1. Tia!
    I am honored to be mentioned as inspiration…It must be the newbie eye, is it? Thank you so much! I am so happy…
    It is your work that has inspired me to look at things a little differently. To take pictures of things I may have passed before. I love the layering you do…So that is what I’ll be questioning you about next!
    Congrats on being featured.

  2. Tia, Is this print available for purchase? Are there more in this series? Thank you, Lucinda

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