Suspicious Behavior by Oklahoma City photographer


Suspicious behavior?  Well, yes, apparently I am quite the suspicious person running around with my camera.  At least a little old lady who lives down a little country road seems to think so. Today I was out running around gathering goodies for a new project I am working on.  Suddenly, behind me, appears a cop car.  What?  Out here in the middle of like timbuktu?  So he flashes his lights, not his emergency lights, which made me kind of nervous thinking he might be one of those “fake cops”.  I left my window rolled up until he showed me a badge.

I said, “Yes, Officer?” as I gathered my license and insurance.  He told me that he had received a call about a woman who was driving up and down the road, getting in and out of her car and going off to the side of the road. I said yes, that would have  been me. “May I ask what you were doing?”  I told him that I am a photographer and I was gathering weeds.  He said, “WEED?” quite suspiciously.  I said, “Weeds.” and pointed over to my passenger seat and showed him (the items in the photo above).  He said, “Ohhhhh! Okay. Well, you need to be careful out here.”

“Thank you, Officer. I will do that.”  So, I drove home after that laughing.  I never in my wildest dreams thought someone would think I was suspicious.  But you never know.  I am carrying “weed” with me, so look out. 🙂


On another note, before the suspicious behavior, I did come across this (above).  As I was driving, I noticed something crossing the road.  First one (the mother I am guessing) and then the second one. I slowed down so as not to scare them off.  They wandered into this field and stood there and looked at me for several minutes before they took off.  I wish I had a clearer picture. I only had my 50mm on me and so stood on top of the doorway area of the car and tried to shoot up over the weeds (oops… there’s that word again) blocking the view to the deers.  Otherwise I would have been standing in red mud (as opposed to red dirt of Oklahoma)  thanks to all the rain we have had.

All in all, an interesting outing to say the least.  Now I will spend this evening beginning work on my weeds before they die on me.  I would not want to have to go back out and pick more weeds and someone call a cop on me.  (evil grin) Of course I could have gotten myself into more trouble I suppose if I had tol him I was out “shooting”.  Most people who are not photographers look at you oddly if you tell them you are going to “go shoot someone”… especially if you say, “I’m going to go shoot a xx yr old baby today.”  You get the worst looks.  Ah, the joy of being a photographer.


3 thoughts on “Suspicious Behavior by Oklahoma City photographer

  1. Just popping in to see what you have ben up to and I have to say- that is really funny! guess one can’t be to careful out there~ though if “crazies” like you are all we need to watch out for- life is pretty good!
    kudos on the AAA walls! I know how exciting that must have been. Of all the artwork I have hanging~ yours gets the most compliments! it is so passionate and moving (my beloved “Tree of Life”! (and my personal favorite as well!!)

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