The Road Less Taken


There is something soothing about dirt roads that soothe me. It allows me to run away for a bit from reality.  The swoosh of the dust flying up behind my car, the sound of the bits of gravel (and sometimes nails… oops) crunching under my tires.  But mostly what soothes me is the scenery.  There are rarely any people around to bother me, maybe a cow or bull, or even an old building full of character.  But mostly it is me, the wind whisping my hair around, my arm hanging out the window, and the music lulling me along in search of whatever it is that I am meant to find on this day.  Do I turn left or do I turn right?  It depends.  I don’t flip a coin, I just drive.  No map… they don’t have the interesting spots that I want to see anyway.  I will only turn to Gladys (my GPS) when I need to find my way back to civilization.

I must admit, there have been a few times when I was a bit nervous being out by myself. Hubby is always afraid that I am going to be out shooting and come upon some drug deal or someone doing something they should not be doing. Yes, those thoughts do cross my mind. But if I did not take my chances, I would never find out if I took the wrong turn, the right turn, or just took a lucky guess and ended up right where I am supposed to be.


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