Really… I am not hiding…

LOL.  I’m not hiding.  I have been quite busy.  I shot a talent show this last weekend, 64 kiddos, and have been quite busy editing those and getting them ready for the parents.  It was an amazing project to work on.  And that was just the “local” competition.  The Statewide Competition is next month.

To top it all off, my showing at the hospital is next month as well. I will be hanging my work on June 1st @ OU Medical Center.  I am excited about that.

And then too I have taken on another task.  Getting my health in line.  Last Monday I joined a gym and have been working out religeously.  On Monday, Wednesday & Friday I have resistance training.  And then on Tuesday & Thursday I do swimming.  I have been going in after resistance on MWF and doing some swimming also just because it is so soothing for me.  I have probably mentioned somewhere in my blog before, but I was probably a mermaid in my past life, or should have been.

The water for me is a sanctuary.  I love going deep down into the pool where I cannot hear anything and just floating.  Hmmm… soothing just thinking about it.  Anyway, I lost 4 lbs my first week so that is definately a great thing.

More pics to come soon.  Off to bed for now.  Sweet dreams!!!


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