The Secret Life of Bees


Tonight I sat down to watch “The Secret Life of Bees” with my daughter, surprised that she was really interested in watching this but thankful she wanted to spend time with me.  As she gets older, it’s hard to find those moments sometimes. So I take advantage of the moments I can find.

I have to say that the movie took my breath away.  Not just the storyline, but everything about it. As a photographer, I am always looking at the light around me. Although the movie starts out very dark, symbolic of what Lily is going through and feeling in her own life, the light soon comes forth and it sooo breathtaking I just wanted to step into the tv and be there myself.  That along with the soft music (Alicia Keys) and the maternal love that oozes throughout the movie just brought tears to my eyes.

My mind began racing  with new ideas for a session.  So please stay tuned.  And if you are a softy like me and get the chance to watch the movie, make sure you have tissues on hand. 🙂


One thought on “The Secret Life of Bees

  1. I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve read the book, twice. My mother loved it, my friends who read it loved it, and 2 of my friends bought it as a gift for their daughters to read as well. So glad you enjoyed the storyline. I loved Lily.

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