I am back!  Mostly in one piece. On my way to meet my dearest friends at the cabin, I got a flat tire. Now mind you it has been snowing so pulling off to the side of the road was kind of difficult.  I was on the phone to get road side service when a customer service agent for U-Haul pulled up behind me and offered to help.  He had all the materials necessary to remove the tires, air the spare up, and get me back on the road.  I am so thankful there are nice people left in the world.

Then on Saturday  I took a hard fall on the ice while I was out this weekend.  I was attempting to get a particular shot at this abandoned old school house and there was a big hill of ice.  My shoes did not grab and I went down HARD!  I scraped up the outsides of both of my hands,  bit my lip, hit my head on the ice, thought I had broken or cracked a tooth but luckily had not.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a reputation as a klutz.  Yes… I have even fallen once in front of a client.  Luckily she had a great sense of humor and joked about me really getting into my work.

All that being said, it was the most amazing weekend.  I think I know more about my friends than I ever thought I would.  We were just like teenagers all weekend and it was an absolute blast!!! The above photo was taken early Saturday morning.  I awoke to find all the girls still asleep, so I put my shoes on and went out to shoot in the early morning light (my favorite time). I love bare trees. I know many people see them as just dead trees, but I love the twists and turns of the branches, the branching out and just the tree itself. It is amazing to see the transformation from season to season. Although I love the fresh buds of spring, I think this is my all time favorite.

Anywho, I am back to work.  I have got a licensing deal I am looking into for some of my fine art pieces. I have decided I am going to push myself farther and harder this year. Who knows what might come up???


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