Crossing bridges…

50mm-1Ahhh… What a great day. Though I got very little sleep last night (insomnia), I did manage to make today a great day.  I went to the doctors this morning for my lump and she said it appears to be a cyst or something along those lines.  Sooo I got antibiotics but I still need to schedule my annual mammy anyway.  UGH!!!

In other even more fantastic news, I got my new lens today.  I have been waiting months for it. Although it is not an expensive lens per se, it seems there was always something that held me up from getting it.  Soooo, Santa made an early delivery.  I of course had to go out and play immediately.  I only edited this one so far and really it is not edited other than resized and copyrighted.  The lens is sooo amazing.  YUMMY!!! I can tell we are going to be very close in the next year.  HA!!!

So the munchkin is out of school for Christmas now.  I have already advised her that Mommy Taxi is out of service.  Well, at least for the most part. I just don’t want to be driving a bunch of kids all over the place.  I have got enough to do around here anyway.  I have a couple of shoots coming up, including a birthday party Sunday.  That should be interesting (and fun).  So for now I am off to sleep or going to try.  G’nite!!!


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