Emmie Photoshoot


Last Friday night I had the fantastic opportunity to meet with Emmie and do a full 2 hour shoot with her.  This is no ordinary woman.  She has a degree in Russian, she looks like she is 12 years old even though she is not, she has the cutest giggle, and is a fantastic model.  I had to tell her so little about how I wanted her to pose or anything that I was almost in disbelief.  She was needless to say, FANTASTIC!!!  Let me give you a bit of detail about her clothing ensemble.  She recently returned to the USA from a stay in Japan.  While there, she began going to Harajuku.  This is an area in Japan where locals go on Sundays to entertain the tourists and do cosplay (costume play).  Basically, they get all dressed up in Gothic Lolita style, steampunk style, whatever your fave is, and pose for the tourists.  How cool is that???  I would have a blast I think having models every week.  heheh….

Anyway, she arrived wearing this adorable soft pink Shirley Temple looking dress with mint green and dark pink polka dots on it.  Also, she had a minty green sweater with tiny white polka dots, knee high stockings with pink and mint green stockings, and the cutest pink Mary Janes.  What a doll!!! We had a blast and I am looking forward to another meetup with her.  If you want to see the whole session, visit my flickr album with her set here

Isn’t she just a doll???


My fave from the day is when she stood while this train came whizzing by her and sounded his horn.  We were both deaf for a few minutes, but the shot was so worth it.  I am glad she agreed.  heheh


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