Weight Watchers


Yesterday I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting in over a year.  I thought I could do it alone, but I cannot.  Sooo… back to the meetings.  Today was my first full day on the plan and I stayed on point plus got lots of activity points in moving stuff from the apartment into the house. πŸ™‚  Yes I am still in the process  of moving.  Tomorrow should be the last load.  Hallelujah!!!  Then I just have to turn around and UNPACK it.

We went to McAlisters Deli tonight for dinner and I was thinking this Greek Chicken Salad would be okay… well, I had 11 points left to spend in my day (I had not subtracted activity points yet) and surely this beautiful little salad with Feta, Greek dressing, olives, tomatoes, chicken breast… could not be that bad… right?  WRONG!  When I had last looked, McAlisters had not posted their nutrition facts yet.  However, I looked again tonight and VOILA! There they are.  That lovely little salad was not so little at all.  584 calories, 32 grams of fat, 7 grams of fiber for a whopping 14 points!!!  Thank goodness I got lots of activity in today or I would have had to borrow my bonus points.  PHEW! 

Birdseye3Tomorrow evening I am off for my first night of photography school.  I am nervous, but also very excited.  I have to take in my "manual camera" first so that we can learn all the basics.  No problem.  Although I thought as a great joke I would take in my little BIRDSEYE camera and ask her if that will work.  hehe… Do you think they will throw me out? 

On other news, I have been trying to archive my photos.  So far I have as far back as 2005 and am still working my way back.  I have a huge box of photos to scan.  Now that I am starting school, it will just be a matter of time.  That and I am hoping to work on some collage image CD’s for you.  πŸ™‚  My oh my!!!  One thing is for sure, since I have changed my diet due to my diabetes, my energy levels have picked up quite a bit.  Now with adding my Weight Watchers diet into the blender, I should be able to do leaps and bounds over tall buildings.  HA!!! Wouldn’t that be a site to see!

As I get the studio more organized and things back in place, I am hoping to do a few assemblage pieces.  Until then… please stay tuned and stay patient.  πŸ™‚


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