In a house of fog and nerves…


Well, I did it… I caught the fog.  Hubby called me at 6:15 on Friday morning and said that if I want to catch the fog, this would be the perfect day. Luckily, Emily had to be at school early that morning and so I had a few minutes to spare before going to the office.  Sooo… here are a few of the results. Also, I have a little secret about these photos.  Stay tuned. I can’t give away any information until my birthday, the 28th. **GRIN**


Tomorrow is the BIG day.  I am a bit nervous.  I don’t know how I am going to handle laying on that table for almost an hour while they are cutting into my breast.  I know the area will be numbed, but… I am scared.  I think I would rather be knocked out instead.  Chris is going to take me and then I will stay with him the whole day.  The doctor told me that after you are done it is just like any other day.  Yeah, easy for him to say, he does not have breasts!!!  Okay, so maybe he has performed 100’s of these… but still… I am being a big CHICKEN!!! **Bwuack!!! Bwuack!!!**Breastcheckwoman


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