Stick it where?


Okay, so Friday was not exactly the Friday I had planned.  It started off normal, but then I went to the doctor for my follow up and was fasting as I had been notified that I was going to be doing more blood work.  YIPEE!!!  (she said cringing at the thought of being a pin cushion again)…  So the nurse comes in with a glucometer.  Uh-oh.  It is not my thyroid. The diagnosis is diabetes.  I started crying.  Now that I read it, I have almost all of the symptoms.  I thought my contacts were just really sucking, but it is also a symptom of diabetes to have blurry vision.  I won’t go into all the others.  For I will be treated with medication and blood testing on myself daily. This also means serious diet changes.  Any tips from anyone who has been / is diabetic?  I don’t want to go into Type 1.  I want to make these changes NOW so that perhaps I can get out of it before I am too far in.


One thought on “Stick it where?

  1. Oh dear. I am sorry.

    My grandmother has had diabetes for many many years (beginning when she was in her 40s or 50s). Last year, she was on the brink of needing to take insulin daily. She went to visit my aunt who is a personal trainer. Two weeks of exercise and healthy eating and a doctor appointment revealed she did not need to take the insulin!

    Exercise, in my grandmother’s case, seems to be the key for managing her diabetes. She can eat what she wants but in moderation and balance.

    I wish you the best with this.

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