My head is a spinnin!!!


**shot of the day (no pun intended)… I was backing out of the drive as the owner of the property pulled up.  PHEW!!!**

I got a call back today for the job I applied for.  I interview tomorrow at 1pm… that means everyone who reads this before then has to stop and say a prayer at 1pm CST for me tomorrow.  HA! Okay, I am kidding… well kinda.  I am a nervous wreck. 

I need to sleep

I want to sleep

But my brain

It is soaring

At 100 mph…


So instead I will share a picture with you (see note under picture above)

And here are  couple of new pieces ready for the Saturday show (or am I going to save them for my Etsy???)… Thrifted plain white birds that I painted designs on.


On this one I painted a black necklace on as well as "desinger wings"


On little Miss Pinky, I painted her head and designed the wings as well as some little markings across her chest.


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