Pictures of the past…

My dad sent me some beautiful photographs that I thought I would share.

My grandfather, the tallest one in back with other boys (his brother Frank is #2)

Grampi, older, but look at those eyes!!!

This is amazing to see.  It is the first time I have ever seen a picture of my grandmother as a young girl.

It’s easy to see why Grandpa fell in love with her.  Such gorgeous skin.

A few steps closer to becoming Mrs. Marion Lamb

And two shall become one…

And two shall become 4 (and later 5)… That is my dad trying to squirm his way out of Grampi’s arms…

And last, but not least… my dad on his first bike (c. 1971)


2 thoughts on “Pictures of the past…

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! That first one, with all of them on a bike, would be my favorite, reminds me of 1 that I have of my Dad & his brother.

  2. I all ready told you on Flickr…but I think it’s just FAB that you have this wonderful collection!

    I love your Dad on the bike!

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