Tonight while swimming, my mind began swirling.  At first I thought someone had let a fart in the pool, and then I realized it was simply my muse burning a hole into my brain… telling me to get my ass back to the studio and PLAY!!!  So I did…  Here are the 2 new pieces along w/ one that I did the other day and not get to post. On the 2 new ones, I am experimenting with somehting a bit different, but it was fun.  The one of the lady is done with original vintage piano paper as well as the little boy in rust & yellows.  Therefore you have to read them bottom to top…You will have to excuse the photographs as I don’t have my scanner set up yet.   Click for a larger view.  I have posted them to MY ETSY

Besides these, here are a few others that I posted… And don’t forget, I am still having a drawing for the ART GIVE AWAY!!!  Scroll down to see what you need to do to enter to win it…





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