NyQuil!!! Take me away!!!

Web_riley ACK! I hate being sick.  I took NyQuil tonight (just waiting for it to knock me out now)  and last night and woke up feeling really awkward.  Driving to work this morning I was thinking, "Will I make it?"  But I did survive.  Now, only one more day to go.  WOO HOO.  And I get to be large and in charge since my supervisor will be out.  Yipee!!!  Kidding.  Tonight I went down to the pool for a bit after dinner and swam.  It was kind of awkward though.  There was a couple down there smooching all over each other.  I mostly stayed in the deep end and was checking out this little JuneBug that had lost its life to the water or the heat and was laying off to the side.  I know, I am weird.  But the simplest things keep me entertained.  And anything to keep my mind off of the fact that I am alone… single… solo… 

Really though, I am finding things to do.  I just wish I could meet people.  Not because I want to start dating or have anything serious… but to have friends.  It is weird how when Chris and I got married, I was the one who wanted to have get togethers, meet people… and yet in the end, I was the one who is still without friends while he was out nearly every weekend doing his aluminum melts or whatever with his buddies.  How do you make friends as an adult?  Maybe it’s just cuz I am so shy.  I always feel awkward.  Since moving into the apartment I have met my downstairs neighbors and those caddy corner to me. The ones downstairs moved –thankfully because he creeped me out anyway. And the ones caddy corner to me downstairs, well they are the coolest.  There is Barbara (the mom), Joey (20something) and his sister Carrie (also 20something – but she does not live there). I have sat a few times talking to Barb.  And Joey… well he just rocks my fluffy pink socks.  He is an absolutely adorable sweetheart.  He helped me move boxes upstairs when we were moving in and is just a really great guy.  I learned he is an English major and a writer… This just blew me away.  Funny what you find out when you dig below the surface. Pretty cool. 

Okay, NyQuil kicking in pretty heavy now.  🙂  I better hit the hay before I start drooling on the monitor.

***Please note, the picture is NOT related to today’s blog.  Little Riley IS NOT in a drunken stupor.  LOL


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