Web_play Okay folks, this is it… I am in the mood to give something away. Are you in the mood to read my blog and leave a comment to win this little cutie pie??? Let’s see how much you love me **GRIN**.  On August 21st  I will have a drawing for this little piece shown above.  This piece was created on a heavy chipboard canvas (aka slidemailer).  The piece itself measures 3.75 x 3… and hanging up it measures 7.75 x 3.  Won’t you let her come and PLAY at your house?  She is singed and dated on the back and ready to come to her new home. 

All you have to do is leave a COMMENT down below saying  I WANT TO PLAY and you will be in the drawing for this little cutie patootie.  The winner will be announced on the 21st via my blog (here).  So make your comment, mark your calendar, and cross your fingers.  🙂 

P.S. Make sure you drop me your e-mail address if you do not want to leave it in the comments section. Email me at


9 thoughts on “FREE ART GIVE AWAY!!!

  1. I want to play, too! Thanks for the comment you left on my website recently-that was sweet.

  2. I really love reading your BLOGS they make me laugh alot but mostly I get to know you. And your art is amazing. Keep it coming


    P.S. Great work…I write here in Oklahoma and know how difficult it can be to be heard and/or seen.


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