Monet’s Garden?

Web_bridge3 I think I found Monet’s Garden in Oklahoma City.  I know it sounds impossible, but it’s true.  I swear it is.  **GRIN**  Okay, so really it is Will Rogers Horticulture Gardens, but I have to tell you… it is amazing.  It was purchased in 1812 and intended to be a dairy farm.  However, the land went unused for 25 years until a Henry Walters (not sure who he is really) purchased the land and created a 30 acre garden.  Two of those acres are dedicated only to rose bushes (3,000 of them to be exact). The roses, the beautiful fountain, bridges, and other assorted species that live on the grounds are amazing. 


When I entered the gates, I was taken aback by this beautiful pond with the sky reflecting so perfectly onto it.

Throughout the gardens are tons and tons of roses.  There were some that had taken a beating due to the heavy rains we have been having, but then there were others that stood strong. 


One of the main "features" in the park is a statue.  It is bronze, but has patinad into a beautiful green over the years. It stands 6 feet tall and represents a mother and daughter fighting over a fish.  The fish is said to be a metaphor for adulthood, and the mother is trying to prevent her from crossing into that new time in her life. How well I know that feeling right now. 


And of course I just had to snap a few pics of Emily being a goofball out there.  She scrunched herself up into this little hole.  It was quite hilarious watching her try to get herself back out.  Of course I helped her.  đŸ™‚


After the long stroll through the park, we went over to the duck pond (or are they geese?) and watched them cool themselves in the sun.  We also managed to see quite a few turtles in the water, but none that I was able to get a good picture of. And of coursse my feet were killing me and so I took my shoes off and just chilled for a bit… until I saw the bright green ducky poop and quickly put them back on.  EWWW!!! All in all, it was a fab-u-lous day.  I will definatley return in the fall for more shots.  Definately a great day trip for Emily & I.  Next time I think we will pack a picnic lunch. đŸ™‚



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