Shiny, pretty things…

So hubby and I are sitting there enjoying our dinner in a fairly low key restaurant, dearest Emily had gone to a school dance.  In walks this woman who you can hear at the door the moment she arrives.  LOUD!!! Well, of course she was seated right behind us.  You could not help but overhear what she was saying… how she likes bright, shiny, pretty things.  If a man does not bring her flowers on the first date, there is no second date… If a man does not buy her something on that first date, a necklace or something… there is no second date… etc, etc, etc…  Hubby and I are snickering over the whole thing.  Especially when she said, "This does not make me shallow.  This just means that I know what I want.  And if a man is not going to buy me things, then he is not worth my time."

This got me thinking… am I all that odd? I mean, I like shiny things… but my idea of "shiny things" is apparently a bit odd.  Yes, I like shiny things… they are  DRILL BITS, SOLDERING IRONS, OLD DOORKNOBS, AND WELL, YOU GET THE PICTURE…Maybe some glitter and I do have a love of Swarovski crystals lately…But come on… Ten years ago, when I was doing the whole dating thing (which were few and far between thank  you very much), I too would have loved to have gotten flowers.  But now I would be happy if hubby created me a box full of rusty things. hehe.  I can see him showing up at the door with rusty hinges, old doorknobs, metal bits and pieces… and this woman SHRIEKING at the top of her lungs.  NO NO NO!!! I would be like WOW!!! This is so freakin’ cool!!!  GIANT HUG FOLLOWS… hehe… What is your BLING BLING???


2 thoughts on “Shiny, pretty things…

  1. I guess I am an odd one…I don’t like diamonds or things that shine of gold. I lean more to silver but it is not a gift I would ask for. I am quite content with a icy diet coke..other bling blings…simple things really..I am thrilled when hubby brings me a package of cheapo bic pens and glue sticks LOL I am cheaply amused..such as bubblewrap instead of what came inside it. On the other hand I wouldn’t mind a drill press…I have other tools like a cordless drill, a dremel, jigsaw and a chop-saw! I would be a happy camper with any tools more than a crystal vase.

  2. a Big Box of Rusty things! I LOVE it! Now I know what to ask for on my birthday, Christmas, mother’s day…

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