Tia Okay, so I wasn’t really tagged personally, but Nancy did say that if you are reading this, you have been tagged…


1) I grew up on the border of Texas & Mexico and stood out like a sore thumb growing up (BRIGHT RED HAIR, PALE SKIN, BLUE EYES IN A 95% Hispanic community).

2) I bite my nails… I have tried to stop, but never been successful.  Maybe someday.  And no, I don’t wear fake nails either, thought I am considering it, but then I think it is too much hassle. hehe

3) I rarely wear make up.  I used to wear make up ALL the time, but then as I grew older, I got tired of putting it on all the time.  Now I only do it for special occasions and even then it is usually just eye make up.

4) I am an EMOTIONAL EATER! Yes, it is true.  Look how skinny I am in my pictures.  NOT!!!  I love food!!! I have just made up my mind to go back to Weight Watchers after I found my old book from last summer and realized I had lost over 20 lbs in 4 months back then.  I need to learn about how to control that inner voice that wants to "fill that hole".  I will have a blog for my journey. http://thesoulschamber.typepad.com/tiabailey

5) Hmmm… Oh I know… I am left handed!

6) My life is a MUSICAL!  What, you ask?  Well, I tend to go thru my day (even at work) and create a song from something someone has said.  It might be lyrics from an actual song, OR I might just warp the lyrics to a popular song to fit my needs.  Sometimes it is 2-3 lines, sometimes more… depending on how strangely people are looking at me.  🙂

and last but not least…

7) I am a water fanatic.  I think I must have been a mermaid in my previous life because I could spend hours in the water if I were able.  I love the pool, the lake, showers, baths… but probably pools the most because I feel totally weightless (see #4 above) AND I can go underwater and block out all the noise and just swim freely.  Too bad I can’t hold my breath for longer.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little journey about m’oi.  There is so much more I could reveal, but then you would never read my blog again.  hahahahhahahah

Now I must tag YOU… If you are reading this, leave a comment below to let me know that you are responding to the TAG so I can read YOUR blog.  🙂


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