Flutterby Parade #4 ~ Deedle

Web_deedle_wipHere is the latest in the Flutterby Parade.  He is still a work in progress (just like all the others).  He needs something in his float and I am not sure what I am going to put in yet… Feathers?  When I say that knowing I get to come home and do this, that is what gets me through the day.  Today I was going insane being up at the front practically alone (the new guy is a newbie and still has many questions).  But I survived… and I got to come home and play in the studio.  Letter "E" is ready too, but he is going to take awhile to dry, so I cannot post him until tomorrow night along with hopefully letter "F".  FUN FUN FUN!!!

A friend at work today just totally made my day, yes YOU know who you are.  She said to me… "WHY ARE YOU HERE"…meaning why am I at my little 9-5 "when you have so many creative ideas?" Well, I THINK I am there because if I was locked up in the house all day, I would just sit in front of this computer and not have any life and then my depression would go all wonky on me again.  But on the other hand, I spend only about 1/4 of the time that I did about a year ago on the computer… and I am creating much more art instead of sitting in front of the tube or the computer. 

In reality, I would love to leave the job and become a FULL TIME ARTIST, but the reality of it is… can I afford it?  I have not actually sold much of my art since I returned from my little hiatus and that hurts.  But I am still plugging away… I know that whatever God has planned, he will breathe life into me and lead me on the right path. 


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