Getting back on track…

Ahhh… Home sweet home.  I arrived back home on Sunday evening and have been going non-stop since.  Finally today I was able to go out to the studio and play.  Now I know why I love creating.  It is so therapeutic.  After all the chaos of the last week and this week combined, I was finally just able to sit and relax… and even smile!  That felt wonderful.  I got some great photos while I was on my way down to Texas, stopped along rarely traveled roads and just enjoyed the ride down there.  It felt somewhat odd to be stopping in cemeteries and taking photos when I was on my way home for a funeral, and yet I know that Grampi would have encouraged me to take pictures of things I love.  If you would like to see those, check out my photo album over on the RIGHT HAND SIDE titled *NEW*. 

I just posted a bunch of stuff to Ebay, including my Easter egg fairys and will be posting the items that I just completed today probably later on tonight. Thank you to all of you for your comments, your emails, and the lovely little cards that I received over the past week.  It was very welcoming to come home to these things.   


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