Phew… I finally did it.  I got all the pieces I wanted up on Etsy as of last night.  As I posted previously, I still need to get the hangers on the 5×5 wood pieces.  I have decided to post a pic of each item here and it will link you to the etsy if you are interested…









Plus I have a HUGE overstock of slide mailers left from the store and would like to clear some of those out.  They used to be $5 and still run $4.95 at many other places, but I have them on sale for $4 for 5 mailers and then the single pane mailers are only $2.75 for 5 pack. PLUS if you are a BLOG READER (which you are if you are reading this) just email me and tell me how many sets you are interested in and I will send them $2.00 shipping (not per set, but for your whole order) AND!!! just because YOU READ MY BLOG and that makes me feel good.  🙂  And to top it all off, I am going to discount 3 or more sets as follows:

Download slidemailerspecial.xls 


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