Day 2 As A Porcupine

Day #2 of my acupuncture treatments. Today I treated both sides of my back and my neck as well as my knees and elbows. I have to say that driving home was kind of hard as I really sank into listening to the audio tapes and music today. He told me I am doing much better on my deep breathing exercises. Americans in general do not deep breathe as they should. I always thought I should breath in thru my nose and out thru my mouth. It is actually IN & OUT thru the mouth. So I have practiced and vowed to myself to work on this on a daily basis, at least 30 minutes a day. I am going to check out Amazon when I get a chance and see what sort of affirmation or meditation CD’s I can find.

Then to top my beautiful day off… I received an email that a particular group was interested in a few of my pieces. I have to have them shipped off and all the info with them by Saturday. I am in lala land right now. TOTAL SHOCK. Perhaps hell is about to freeze over. I don’t know how much info I am allowed to divulge about this project, so I will simply wait until I know more. It is sooo hard for me to keep this inside because I have never been published in a magazine or anything other than as a Sponsor for Altered Arts Magazine. Originally these particular projects were going to to go Somerset at the end of the month for their upcoming themes, but I decided to chance this and send the info to these kind folks instead. Boy am I glad I did. I don’t think I could take another turn down from Somerset Studio. šŸ˜¦ But hey, you never know until you try. Maybe one of these days.


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